The photo album of the Corvette Club France Est
presents three trips per year
from 2005 to today

    Dieses monatliche Treffen wurde 2009 ins Leben gerufen und hat seinen Geist der Geselligkeit und des Respekts zwischen Enthusiasten bewahrt. Kein "Drift" oder anderes "Brennen", das ein unverantwortliches Bild ergibt, das kein Liebhaber der Feinmechanik braucht, insbesondere in unserem Land, in dem die Repression von Automobilen Jahr für Jahr neue Rekorde bricht.


    Louis Chevrolet hat nie Uhren hergestellt ... Sein Vater Joseph Félicien Chevrolet und sein älterer Bruder Alfred Édouard Chevrolet waren Uhrmacher. Louis und seine beiden Brüder Arthur und Gaston waren Rennfahrer. Wir müssten also sagen „Chevrolet Uhren“ mit dem Vornamen des Vaters oder des Bruders :-) aber da Louis der bekannteste ist, hat das Marketing seine arbeit gemacht :-). Trotzdem sind diese „echten“ Schweizer Uhren nicht nur sehr schön, sondern auch für ihre Qualität bekannt. Warum also nicht Spaß haben (natürlich müssen Sie die Mittel haben) und eine Louis Chevrolet-Uhr hinter dem Lenkrad Ihrer Chevrolet Corvette tragen ...


    This magnificent tourist route was created during the First World War with a strategic aim to ensure logistics and defense on the front of the Vosges. From Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines to Cernay allows you to admire the most characteristic landscapes of the Vosges chain, its passes, its mountains, its lakes, its thatches and offers unforgettable wide panoramas. For lovers of Vette rides, the 80 km long road passes through the Col du Bonhomme, the Col de la Schlucht, the Hohneck massif, the Markstein, the Grand Ballon being the highest point with 1343 meters and the Vieil Armand.


    At the end of November, our sponsor PEGAUS RACING from Geispolsheim (67), under the leadership of Julien Schell, invited CCFE members for a day of discovery of the broad activities of Pegasus Racing ranging from the renovation of Oldies to the preparation of world-class racing cars. More than 60 people were present and almost all the range of corvettes was represented from C2 to C7.

  • BOURGOGNE 2019

    This year again everything was there: Superb cruising, tastings of regional products, visits and discoveries, gastronomic meals and even an exhibition and baptisms in Vette. Our 20 crews enjoyed themselves and all in a good mood.


    When Denis and Jean-Baptiste, our « terrifortains » friends, organized this outing, they could not imagine for a moment that in early May we had to take out the Vettes under early morning snow. Fortunately the roads were clear ! without that we would have had a serious problem. Resulting from the melting of the glaciers 12,000 years ago, the area of 1000 ponds allows nice cruising, visits and tastings of good local products. At the end of the day, the group gathered in front of the « Lion de Belfort » sculpted by Auguste Bartholdi in 1879.

  • PÉRIGORD 2018

    Each year, the CCFE organizes a three or four day outing for its members. France having an extremely varied heritage and each region having its own specificities, we have an unlimited choice to organize outings that will be satisfy everyone. During these outings the journeys are an integral part of the good times that the members spend in common. Passionate about Corvette, we love above all the rides with our V8s and the visits, tastings and others are there to enhance the whole. Périgord is a superb region steeped in history to visit.  

  • FVA 2018

    After the disappearance of the « Festival automobile de Mulhouse » in 2015 which took place in the streets of Mulhouse and in the « City de automobile », enthusiasts of the region created the FVA "Festival des Véhicules Anciens". A static exhibition at the « Parc des Expositions » and the « Cité de l’Automobile ». For the first time in its history, the CCFE had a stand with the presentation of three cars. The success was there and our volunteer members are ready to repeat the experience.  


    With superb good weather from early in the morning, all the conditions were met for the outing to be a success. The first stage, with a cruising on our beautiful roads, brought our acolytes back to breakfast at the "Auberge du Ballon d'Alsace". The images alone make us want to do that again! Second cruising to Sochaux at the "Peugeot Museum". Before the visit and the return, lunch taken between vintage cars, nothing better for our enthusiasts of beautiful mechanics.

  • BELFORT 2017

    In May 2017, the CorvetteClubFranceEst went to the Belfort territory. Visit the cave, stroll through the hilly landscapes, gastronomic meal and exceptional viewpoint, that was what was on the program for the day.

  • CHAMPAGNE 2017

    It was there not to be missed in 2017! Champagne has flowed afloat, visits and gourmet meals have been at the top. The V8s could breathe on the roads leading to the Circuit de Gueux. When you think that Juan Manuel FANGIO had made his first F1 race there and a few years later his last grand prix ...


    "President's Day" took an impressive convoy of Vette to the Silver Mines of Sainte Marie-aux-Mines. Place and regional history to discover or rediscover.    

  • DOUBS 2016

    According to the participants, one of the most beautiful outings of 2016! Between Eric's collection, walks, visits and meals, everything was organized to perfection.

  • ALSACE 2016

    How beautiful our Alsace is ... from Zellenberg to Riquewihr and from Eguisheim to the crests of the Vosges without forgetting the local meal at the Auberge du Buchwald farm. Three days in our region but it would have taken weeks to see everything and taste everything.

  • CALLAWAY 2016

    This superb outing at CALLAWAY COMPETITION, allowed us to discover the invisible part of a very high level racing stable. Thanks to Ernst Wöhr for his welcome.

  • AUVERGNE 2015

    Superb program for this trip to Auvergne. The Puy du Dôme, the Col de la Croix Saint Robert, the Saint-Nectaire cheese dairy, the Val castle and the Borg-le-Orgues dam filled this weekend perfectly.

  • FUN CAR SHOW 2015

    The youngest members of the CCFE were not born, others still had hair or at least they were not yet gray !!!! when the Fun Car Show was created. Like every year, a total success.

  • BAS-RHIN 2015

    Cruising outing in the Vosges with a visit to the Château de Thanvillé. It was a "heatwave" day where at noon the temperatures were unbearable. Fortunately our Americans are equipped with air conditioning adapted to Texan heat.

  • JURA 2014

    Outing to discover part of the Jura. Between wine and fruit cellars and the royal saltworks of Arc-et-Senans, the two days were full

  • Camargue 2014

    "Entre Terre et Mer du Sud" was the theme of this 3-day stay in the Camargue. Between visits, relaxation and local meals, our V8s were able to express themselves on a road with magical landscapes along the Gorges du Tarn to the Millau viaduct.


    Created in 1964 under the name of "Golden Age Cups", the race took place on the Rouen-Les-Essarts circuit at the opening of the F1 French Grand Prix. Renamed "Golden Age Grand Prix, the race has been running since 2005 in Dijon-Prenois.  

  • TIR VETTE 2013

    The Corvette Club France Est went to the Marlenheim Sports Shooting Club. We were able to learn handguns ranging from compressed air to 357Magnum. Very rewarding experience especially with the advice and explanations of our instructors.

  • VICHY 2013

    This outing, which was to be a celebration for all participants, will be remembered as the weekend when Alain left us. Alain Jonner, Vice-President and webmaster of the CCFE was taken at the wheel of his Corvette on the road to reach Vichy by cardiac arrest.


    The August Black Forest outing allows you to spend a quiet weekend. A visit, a Wurstsalad and a few mugs and off we go… and when it's Oktoberfest it's even better!


    The Corvette Club France Est has been visiting an air base of the French Army. Super welcome from our guardians of the sky with the added bonus of a release of horses on the slopes.

  • KOGENHEIM 2012

    The Corvette Club France is out in the Bas-Rhin with a good lunch in Kogenheim.

  • LA ROCHELLE 2012

    A large number of Corvette Club France Est members made the trip to La Rochelle for Kooper's Day. Tribute to Patrick Debezis dit "Kooper" who left us on September 17, 2011.

  • PRAHA 2011

    the Prague International Corvette Meeting is in line with gatherings exclusively reserved for Vettes. A weekend between mountain bikers to discover the culture and gastronomy of the host country. Corvettes from all over Europe honor this event every year.

  • BEERVETTE 2011

    The Corvette Club France Est has its little habits ... the Black Forest outing in August if the planning allows it and systematically in October to end the season. Destination the "Alte Geutsche" Triberg.


    For the 100th anniversary of Chevrolet more than 1000 cars of the brand went to Chaux de Fond, hometown of Louis Chevrolet in 1878. The Corvette club France Est was there.

  • LA VIGIE 2010

    La Vigie in Strasbourg brings together a crowd of mechanical enthusiasts once a month.

  • SÜHL 2010

    More than 300 corvettes meet each year in Sühl for a weekend of meetings, walks, visits, exhibitions and discovery of this part of Germany. A perfect organization with a relaxed atmosphere make the success of this event.

  • TRIDENT 2010

    Since 2009, every second Sunday of the month from March to October, car enthusiasts meet at the Parking du Trident in Mulhouse. Regularly more than 300 cars and a 50ene of motorcycles meet. From deudeuche to Lambo, there is something for everyone.

  • DOUBS 2009

    The Doubs is the department par excellence for cruising. From the green plain to the foot of the Jura, this is the dream for all lovers of a ride on the background of a V8 couple.


    Open Day at the Bugatti High School with the Corvette Club France Est.


    Superb weekend organized by the Corvette Owners Club Luxembourg. Over 200 corvettes from C1 to C6 at the rendezvous. Walks, exhibition in Luxembourg and Germany with gala dinner in the evening.

  • MULHOUSE 2008

    Three days of celebrations, parades, animations, exhibitions, concerts, which give the City the title of European capital of the exceptional automobile.

  • SUNDGAU 2008

    Between Switzerland, Germany and Franche-Comté, a small region flourishes with shimmering landscapes like those of the Alsatian Jura. The region is ideal for cruising through green valleys with "thousand ponds" and the discovery of mills, old washhouses, typical farmhouses, etc. Sundgau, territory of character, mysterious and authentic!


    Visit to Lamborghini in Switzerland. How, starting from the manufacture of tractors, you end up producing dream cars, the work of Ferruccio Lamborghini.


    The Corvette Club France Est was at the open doors of Opel / Chevrolet in Haguenau to end the day with a cruising in Alsace Bossue.

  • ZUCHWIL 2007

    The American Live Meeting in Zuchwill, Switzerland brings together 2,000 American cars.

  • LE MANS 2007

    The 24 Hours of Le Mans, existing since 1923, is one of the three most prestigious races in the world with the Monaco Grand Prix and the 500 miles from Indianapolis. The Corvette Club France Est goes there regularly.

  • BILTZHEIM 2006

    Auto-motorbike festival at the circuit at the Anneau du Rhin.

  • BUCHS 2006

    The largest Corvette Meeting in Europe. All imaginable corvettes are visible there


    For the "Firefighters' ride" there are always some members who come for the pleasure of discovering and rediscovering old vehicles of all kinds. The pleasant walk in the Vosges mountains undoubtedly brings a plus to this event.


    Since 1980, the Fun Car Show has been an unmissable event for all enthusiasts of fine mechanics.


    Since its creation in 1996, the Corvette Club France Est has had its "Corvette Day" on the first Sunday of September. Sharing our passion is the key word of this event.


    Exit from the CCFE on the inclined plane of Saint-Louis-Arzviller which is a boat lift from the Marne to Rhine canal and thus allows the crossing of the Vosges. Then visit the Lehrer crystal factory which is located between the inclined plane of St Louis-Arzviller and the famous rock of Dabo in Lorraine.