Jean-Marc's collection


When did you start your collection?

I started my 1/18th collection in the middle of the 80's

But at the age of 10 I had a lot of 1 / 43rd NOREV Miniature, and I had fun making accidents with, compressing them with the vice of my grandfather's bench.



What was your first miniature car?

The first car in my current collection is a 1984 Ferrari Testarossa. I remember my first corvette bought at a gas station on the highway. It was a gray C5.


Where do you buy your model?

I get the majority of my Corvette Collection from Internet shopping at «  the Little Bolide website » and some on Ebay. I also bought some in Montpellier.

Apparently you have a poster with Dave Hill's autograph? (the third Chief Engineer from Corvette for the C5 and C6 generations) Tell us the story of this poster.
My first big experience was in 2002, I was fortunate to make a parade with a hundred other corvettes, three hours before the start of the 24 Hours of Le Mans on the Bugatti raceway ( we drove more than 200 km / h in front of the police at the Hunaudières

2003, still at the 24h of Le Mans was for me my best memory for the fiftieth anniversary of the Corvette.

Friday night I participated at the parade of the drivers with my C5. The interior of the car remembered it a long time with all the confetti and I had several drivers autographs inside my engine hood. .

The Saturday before the start we drove on the race track like in 2002 but this time the weather was horrible.

During the race I met Dave Hill in the giant Corvette Racing Motorhome. I felt very small in front of this gentleman.

I tried to have information about the new corvette which should replace the C5 but he did not tell us anything…

He was kind enough to dedicate a little book on the C5 50th anniversary, as well as a photo.

He also gave me a signed poster with all corvette models from 1953 to 2003.

The greatest moment was when I was in the Corvette paddock in the middle of the corvette technicians doing a night refueling.


are you "exclusively" corvette collector ?

As I told you, my collection is quite open to other brands. I started with Ferrari.


which of your miniatures have you had in real ?

I had three 4L and I still have my 1988 Renault Savanne,  I had a golf 1 GTI, a Nissan 300ZX, a VW Scirocco and a scooter BMW C1 that I have since 17 years.


do you have a preference between AMR - Otto mobile - NOREV - etc ....

Regarding the brands of 1 / 18th, I am more attentive to autoart.

Do you set price limits for your purchases?

My budget turns around 100 € with 200 € maximum. This is the price of my latest purchase a C7 Z06 Autoart.


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Last edited: 08/02/2019