CORVETTE C3 "The American dream"


Looking at all Corvettes since the first one in 1953, the Corvette C3 hold a special position among the fans heart. She is the one which embody the American Dream to the eyes of the world. Its style and unique line strike the attention of enthusiasts and passers-by for years now. If you are familiar to meetings and gatherings you already know how the C3 always holds a central position in those events, finding its way through exceptional vehicles.

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As you can easily find some very good pages on the Corvette C3, its history and its evolutions on the internet, this section won’t be dedicated to another description but something far more interesting.

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Quite by chance an American woman passed by our Website and let us a brief message. Holly SOTTILE is part of a family passionate of ‘Vette. In the 70’s her father-in-law Bob SOTTILE used to tinker everything that had 4 wheels and an engine. Since then his hobby became a real family business that quickly specialized in the refurbishment and selling of Corvette C3. Now the business is running stronger than ever as Bob dragged his son RJ in the adventure.

Jr holly

RJ & Holly Sottile

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The conversation was on and the idea of a collaboration between our Corvette Club France Est, based in Alsace (France), and the Hobby Car Corvettes of Martinsburg, Pennsylvania (USA) quickly occurred.

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While chatting with the Sottiletheir passion for Corvette really stands out and can feel that aren’t casual car sellers they are real Corvette experts. We can only advise you to check out their website and especially their 6 advices before buying a Corvette.

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After this brief introduction, this is what you are going to find here: the American way of life straight out of the US and of a family who knows, drive and live Corvette. You will be able to see their Corvette trips, their findings and maybe their last sales in Europe. 

The idea is to show America different, as the Sottilefamily travels all around the country looking for ‘Vettesyou will see America otherwise then through Monument Valley or the Rock Mountains.

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Jr bob

RJ & Bob Sottile