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The Corvette Club France Est is a club as there are hundreds, even thousands. All starts with a shared passion of a handful of individuals and years later, it is a Club that has kept the spirit of conviviality from its beginnings. The solidity of the CCFE rests on its simplicity, on its modernity but also by its link to its origins. Even today, two founding members are part of our team and twenty members have between 10 and 24 years of service.

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The Club and its members have no desire or need to stand out or be on the front of any head lines. We live our passion simply within the framework of a rich local culture and we invite all those who aspire to our values to visit us and why not join us within the Corvette Club France Est.

Where do the member of the Corvette Club France Est come from

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The Honorary members of the Corvette Club France Est

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The committee of the Corvette Club France Est

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