General Meeting of theCorvette Club france Est

Friday, March15, 2019 in Pulverheim (68) 

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The 23rd General Assembly of the Corvette Club France Est was held on Friday, March 15, 2019 at the municipal hall in Pulversheim.

Of the hundred members of the Club, a good half were present a the meeting.

The CCFE counts 63 corvettes from the C2 to the C7 with 96 members.

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The functions of each member of the Committee were recalled:

Hervé /Webmaster

whose resignation from the Committee has been formalized, retains his function as Webmaster of the CCFE.

Jean-Claude / President

Club animation, external communication (press, institution, ...)

David / Vice President

Relationship and Correspondence with Candidates for Club Membership:

Relations with the outside (other clubs, various invitations, ...):

Chantal / Secretary

Management of the list of members:

Communication with members

single contact with the organizers of the outings: send invitations, relaunch, ...

internal club communication

Henri Paul / photographer

* Intermediary between the members and Hervé:

 - all photos must be sent to HP

 - selection of the best photos for the annual calendar (validation by the Committee)

Christian and Jean-Pierre

 Assembly of the annual calendar (photos validated during the committees)

 Realization of the trombinoscope

Catherine / treasurer

Cash management, purchases, shop, payments, unpaid reminders, contacts with sponsors (send calendar, payment confirmation), ...

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Thanks also go to our 12 sponsors

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Verteilung des retrospektiven Aktivitätenkalenders der CCFE 2018

Calendrier des manifestations


The evening was closed around a buffet

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